Soleil Toujours

New York 

“Approximately 14,000 tons of chemical sunscreen make it into the world’s oceans each year”. Many if not most contain specific toxic ingredients to include oxybenzome— proven extremely harmful to both human beings, and to coral reefs.

New York-based Soleil Toujours is one of the few sunscreens in existence which does not contain oxybenzone or other “world wellness” inhibitors. Instead, this glamorous mineral-based line of suncare products is the only sunscreen to have been declared “coral friendly” and “reef friendly” by environmental watchdog group WiseOceans.

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Pacific Northwest 

Pacific Northwest-based Being offers vegan “responsible” bath and body products.  Oceans friendly and cleanly indulgent. Being also offers Seas-inspired bath salts, appropriately named “Float”, “Drift”, and “Still”.   No synthetic fragrances or dyes, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no preservatives, and GMO-free.  Packaged in reusable glass containers, Being even ships in recycled packaging - which includes shredded email!

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Kahina Giving Beauty 

Morocco & Manhattan

Sourced organically to avoid harmful agricultural practices, Kahina’s products are free from synthetic ingredients that harm our oceans and the marine life in them.


Kahina Giving Beauty’s brand mission supports women’s literacy and education in the North African communities which harvest its product ingredients.  While the brand's story is land-based, the purity of its products critically prevents toxic run-off from them into our waters.


Kahina’s seas-friendly face & body formulations extract from within amazingly glowing skin, and one’s best self. Proving that kindness benefitting body, soul, people and the planet can create a ripple effect.

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